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Lincs Dog Training

Lincs Dog Training covers Dog Training, Puppy classes, Obedience, Agility, Heelwork to Music and Rally Obedience in Grantham, Newark, Sleaford, and surrounding areas.

Our aim at Lincs Dog Training is to support and guide owners to a better relationship with their dog.

We do this by using positive reinforcement through reward based dog training and
NOT physical manipulation, sharp voice commands or dominance reduction programmes.

Owning a dog or puppy is a partnership which will last for many years and we will show you how to understand your
dog’s natural behaviour and communication, how to meet their needs and channel their behaviour more appropriately.

All dogs have individual personalities and with this in mind
we keep classes small to enable us to tailor your dog training for individuality.

Lincs Dog Training originally began as Ichthus Canine Centre (ICC dog training)
which grew from one centre to a number of branches throughout the region.
Due to this expansion each branch has taken on its own identity.

Lincs Dog Training covers Grantham, Newark, Sleaford and surrounding areas.