HTM Training show 11th August 2019 schedule

Heelwork to Music Ring Training Show

11th August 2019

Lincs Dog Training Barn, Laughton’s Farm, Brandon Road, Hougham, Grantham, NG32 2AG

(Limited to 20 handlers)

We are offering the opportunity to train your dog in a show environment. The venue will be set up to look like a regular licensed Kennel Club show. Each participant will get two slots of 10 minutes and you may utilise this time in whatever way you wish e.g. entering the ring, start pose, focus and motivation, proofing training in a show environment, routines and sequences etc. Toys and food are allowed in the ring all day. The event is NOT a competition and there will be no judges, however experienced competitors will be present should you require feedback or advice.


1. Dogs do not have to be registered with the Kennel Club to enter and there is no age limit. Puppies and young dogs are welcome, however dogs under 18 months on the day of the event must not perform excessive freestyle moves and we reserve the right to stop a routine if a dog is performing moves inappropriate to its age.

2. No bitch in season is allowed to participate.

3. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their dog is healthy and fit to participate.

4. No person shall carry out punitive correction or harsh handling in the precincts of the show.

5. No moves or handling which may cause injury to the dog are allowed.

6. All dogs entered must be under control in the precincts of the event at all times. Dogs must be on leads except when in the ring.

7. Participants are responsible for clearing up after their dogs.

8. There is a speed limit of 10mph on the drive way which must be adhered to as the venue is on a working farm.

The event organisers reserve the right to ask any participant found to be breaking these rules to leave the venue. No refunds will be given.

On the day:

1. Each paying handler will get two opportunities to work in the ring, with each slot being 10 minutes in length. They may work the same dog or split time slots between multiple dogs or multiple handlers. (arranged by yourselves).

2. We require you to fill in the title and performer of the music you wish to use for each round, but again we will be flexible on the day.

3. There will be a running order on the whiteboard and we wish to follow this as closely as possible on the day.

4. Due to people using the same music several times throughout the day, there will be no music check in, just hand your music to the DJ before you enter the ring and collect on exit.

5. When you are not working your dog, we would appreciate it if you remained in the venue as an audience for other participants to simulate a real show atmosphere.

6. The event will open at 9.30am and commence at 10.00am. Dogs will be allowed in the ring during this time to warm up.

7. There will be facilities to play music from CDs or iPods and phones.

Please bring your own food, there is a microwave available to warm food.

Tea and coffee will be available, donations towards costs are appreciated

Note there is no heating or cooling, please dress appropriately

Cost will be £20 per 2 x 10-minute training slots


Dogs Pet Name

Dogs Date of Birth

Music and Performer

Entries and enquiries please contact Lorraine Rohland on or 07714308884


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