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I have been attending dog training classes with Lorraine at Lincs Dog Training for many years now. My dogs have always been rescues that have needed careful and kind management. Our aim has always been to enrich their lives and build a strong human-animal bond. Working with them in a relaxed and ethical environment has helped them all to reach their full potential.


Folly was the first dog that I took to Lorraine. After being injured at the start of her socialisation period (before I got her) our young Folly had problems with focus and self control. She was also reactive to unfamiliar dogs. When we said goodbye to Folly at 11 years old she had developed into a truly wonderful dog, I feel that we understood each other intuitively and the hour we spent at Lorraine’s classes every week was something we both looked forward to, an important part of our special time together.


Lorraine has also showed exceptional patience with Max, our Romanian rescue who has complex behavioural needs. We know he will always have trust issues with people. He does not work well under pressure but Lorraine is one of the few people outside of his family that he looks forward to seeing and she has worked hard to allow him to flourish in her lessons in a way that works for HIM. Finally, we recently introduced Lorraine to Nellie, a very frightened cocker spaniel who came to us at 5 years of age. Nellie has not experienced much of the big wide world, and we are taking things slowly. It speaks volumes to me that Lorraine is as happy to see her wagging her tail and trying a new experience, however small, as she was when Folly or her other pupils did something rather more technical!


Whatever your hopes for your life with your dog, Lorraine is someone who understands that all our dogs are individuals. She will work with you to help you both enjoy your training with her. What could be better than that, happy dogs = happy owners!

Well what can you do with a stubborn, lazy Lhasa Apso? Absolutely anything, when you belong to the Lincs Dog Training School!  Both Lorraine and Naomi work with Bruno to develop his strengths and curtail his weaknesses, with kindness, understanding and trust.  Puppy school with Heather laid down the foundations, rally expanded on this and helped with obedience.  Heelwork to Music is a great way to connect with Bruno.  He learns tricks quickly and we have great fun together.  He is a big fan of agility (and Naomi especially if she has a pocketful of Cheesy Wotsits!!).  With patience and time he has matured into a brilliant obedient boy.  Thank you Lorraine we couldn't have done it without you!

Kiki is 7 months old. She loves spending time playing with her pack and fetching toys with her mum and dad. Occasionally she finds something on the floor she shouldn’t have, like a little sock or a hair bobble and it goes straight in her mouth. Before I started puppy training, I used to panic and start running after her to try to get it out of her mouth before she can swallow it. Luckily this came up in one of the puppy lessons and Lorraine advised us that instead of running after the puppies it would be better to try to distract them, and offer them something they like. So the next time Kiki had something in her mouth instead of chasing her I tried to stay calm, went to the kitchen and shouted “treats”. This worked straight away as Kiki came running and dropped the little sock she had in her mouth to take the treat. While she was busy distracted chewing her treat, I picked the sock up and hid it.

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