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Professional training offers many benefits for yourself and your pet.  At Lincs Dog Training we will prepare you and your dog for a lifetime of happiness and understanding.  We have found that dogs enjoy the training process, as they like to learn and are happier when able to please their owners through good behaviour.  Dog owners also enjoy spending their time learning with their pets and achieve a sense of accomplishment when able to better understand and control the behaviour of their dogs.

Through our gentle and humane techniques, you and your pet will establish a rapport and a way of communicating with each other.  Whatever your particular problem; barking, chewing, jumping, running away, etc. - you can be assured we will work together with you to correct it, and make your life with your canine companion better then you ever thought possible.

Lorraine and Naomi are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  The Association of Pet Dog Trainers is a voluntary organisation established to improve the welfare of dogs and the competence of dog owners through the promotion of training skills and techniques based on up to date, researched, methods that apply the principles of kindness, fairness and effectiveness and are in keeping with modern learning theory. 


Lorraine is working towards Kennel Club Accredited Instructor status (KCAI).  The KCAI Scheme is the UK’s leading membership scheme for dog training instructors and canine behaviourists, which offers its members the opportunity to gain a nationally-recognised vocational accreditation based on a robust standard set by the Kennel Club.

It is the first and only scheme for dog training instructors that has achieved programme accreditation from City & Guilds, a globally-recognised benchmark of quality. 

Lincs Dog Training is fully insured and has Kennel Club Good Citizen Listed Status.



Lorraine is passionate about dogs and feels that every dog has the right to an education.  Lorraine also knows that an owner that has trained their dog using motivation techniques enjoys their canine companion on a much greater level.  She strives to help owners realise their dogs potential whilst allowing the dogs personality to shine through.  Lorraine is sympathetic and often empathetic with owners and receives great pleasure in watching owners and dogs progress and accomplish behaviours.

Lorraine is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) membership number 01054 and is working towards her Kennel Club Accredited Instructor status (KCAI).  She has qualified as a Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Assessor at Gold level and a Heelwork To Music / Freestyle Judge, she keeps her canine first aid up to date and regularly attends workshops, seminars and training to keep up to date with continuously evolving modern training methods.

Lorraine has loved, lived and trained dogs for over 40 years and has shared her home with Rough Collies, German Shepherds, a Miniature Doberman, Cross Breeds and Australian Shepherds.  She currently shares her home with 2 Australian Shepherds, Jade and Mally (Malachite), both of which have passed their Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Assessments.

Jade is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who competed in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle at Intermediate level and was part of the Heelwork to Music Activities Team conducting demonstrations at Crufts.  Jade has also achieved level 2 Title at Talking Dogs Rally Obedience and has her level 1 Championship status.  Jade has now retired from competition due to a TPLO operation on her ruptured cruciate ligament, however she still enjoys training, scent work, rally, walks in the countryside, hydrotherapy and curling up on the couch with her mum.

​Mally is a tri colour Australian Shepherd who is a very young, enthusiastic, laugh a minute, delightful character and embraces life with great joy.  He was part of the Heelwork to Music Activities Team conducting demonstrations at Crufts 2017 and 2018 and Qualified for Crufts 2017 in the breed category as a puppy.  He is currently working at Intermediate level in Freestyle and thoroughly enjoys his training which includes agility, scent work, rally and general obedience.  He also enjoys long walks in the Lincolnshire countryside and hydrotherapy



Naomi has been training dogs since 2007.  Her training started with rescue Border Collies.  She now shares her life with 2 Border Collies, Rogue and Phoebe-Rae, a Mini American Shepherd, Bailey, and 2 Chihuahuas, Trixie and Tazmania.  All of Naomi's dogs have passed their Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen assessments.  She has a passion for Agility, Flyball and Heelwork to Music.

Rogue and Naomi showed off their love for Heelwork to Music and Freestyle at Crufts 2015 in the YKC ring and managed to win 1st place in both of their classes.  They have also been a part of the Heelwork to Music activities team conducting demonstrations in the main arena at Crufts 2016 and 2017.

Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers – APDT 01141



Heather has been involved in dog training for many years, first with her golden retriever Max and then with her naughty but nice mini schnauzer Darwin, who had many issues but was able to live a happy life.  She now shares her home with her older mini schnauzer Mia and her energetic and busy working cocker spaniel Sherbert. 


With a background in education and learning from working for many years as an additional needs teacher, Heather has used the knowledge she gained to look at how dogs learn, this led her to achieving her Pro Dog Trainer Certification earlier this year.  As a Pro Dog Trainer Heather trains through concepts, turning struggles into strengths. Your dog’s personality indicates which concepts need teaching whether it’s focus, optimism, flexibility or calmness it can be done through playing games.  Heather believes that the relationship you have with your dog is the most important thing and this will grow with trust from enjoying spending time together.


Heather is also the face behind the camera at Heather Preece Photography and uses her knowledge of dog behaviour and language to get the best out of the dogs she photographs.